Citizens' convergence for energy transition
On the initiative of action groups opposing shale gas

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Plan of access

Wednesday 6 July 2011, by Yza

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A page "energy convergence" was opened on

Drivers: Submit your vacancies on our carpool!

Passengers: Find your way on our carpool!


We propose a mass start by region to converge on the village of Lézan, recovering gradually to a different course final step at the start of Ales (Ales of the railway station will enable those who wish not to participate that in the final stage of ten miles). It will be a festive and homelessness activist, joyful and want to give us: music, banners, color, elegance and fantasy will be in order!

If the collective adventure tempts you, do not hesitate to let you know the address or at Marc Charroin (+33 474 878 100): We will also put you in relation to people in your corner to get organized.

Departures will be organized from: Paris, Lyon, Pierrelatte, Cahors, Pilat (Rhodanien) ...

Departmental network Edgard


For explorers only: Count 6 am and 2 changes to get from the Ales bus station to Lézan !


Website (the closest points served in the Hérault: Ganges, Claret, Vacquières, Sommières)

Map and route googlemap

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